Lights go Out

Once upon a time when the day was lost,

Once upon a time when the unimaginable was thought.

Just another ordinary day of life it was when an air of indifference decided to stay,

And tried to wound my head with 50 shades of grey.


But I looked down the window and found a way out.

It was pattering. It was neither pleasant nor plausible,

In the middle of the night, some dreams are horrible.

Hard decisions are never easy to make, but I had already lost my train of thoughts.

I had to leave, as I was yearning for answers.


Yes! Every step I took made me feel uneasy because my walk of life had just started,

For eternity I had waited for this moment, no sooner did I realise.

But why am I afraid? Am I not the person worth their salt or sand?

Or I choose to walkway? When it’s for me to take a stand.


I question myself; I’m troubled with this thought,

And the next thing you see is that these lights go out.


While I’m out walking these narrow and shady streets, I see the sufferers.

Don’t I feel their pain and agony?

For them I am a man on mission, who walks to solve this unknown mystery.

As I pursue my search for the answers in the horizon,

Little do I know, not all is safe and sound.

Dangers are inevitable and unkempt; all you have to do is look around.

It’s pathetic how we make choices,

Not because we have any, but because we lack one.

As I march my way forward, an infantry stands.

Corrupt, Naive, Lethal and Biased.

‘I dare not look them in eye because heartless they stand’

‘I could remember innocent civilians, lifeless and hanged’

But there struck a sudden impulse to answer these stressful calls,

To lend a helping hand, the next time someone falls.

Yet again, helpless and miserable I doubt my role,

For why I can’t raise my voice? Even if I’ve had enough of this human toll?


I question myself; I’m troubled with this thought,

And the next thing you see is that these lights go out.


‘Here comes the line of collared folk, to see this half of this globe I’m obliged

‘For long I wanted to see for what it is’s like to be on the other side’

Stashed with gold and piles of silver they build their castles in the air,

While some struggle so they can breathe, to talk of fair.

Into this land of price I walk, I can see some fingers cut and sliced,

But on being asked, society labels them ‘’overpriced’’

That isn’t enough, it’s farther where it gets tough.

In their containments they sweat, toil and balance their desires,

For centuries they have been laughed about, mocked and disgusted

A man stands to earn his bills in spite of new found hindrance,

He’s killed by the musclemen, does it make a difference?


I turn back my steps because I’ve seen too much,

While some answers came out clear, others faded into the darkness of these clouds.

A new anthem, perhaps a new cry has emerged,

There now stands a conflict of opinions, while they preach of ‘one world

It’s never to chose a side, and perhaps forever to decide

Do good and bad ever stand out, or often coincide?


I question myself; I’m troubled with this thought,

And the next thing you see is that these lights go out


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