And then rang the temple bells

“And then rang the temple bells” isn’t exactly a poem, but an extremely dark thought. It is a story of a man traumatised by one of the recent nightmares he had. He narrates his nightmare to a doctor, a psychologist to be more precise because he hopes that he would be would be of great help to him. However, it turns out to be a bad idea as he completely loses his mind, turning him into a cannibal.

A world far away from reality and sanity. Our Inception. 

But from what I discovered from the last night, I would call it a demonic piece of deception.

Emotionally superficial, a horrifying envisage and an epitome of cruelty

That’s how I recall a dream that took away my morality.


Coated with disgust, dubbed with sand

No signs of life. Perplexed I stood in the middle of that land.

Felt like the wind punched me, my instincts pleaded to scream

As far as I could remember, I wept bitterly in that dream.


“So, What did you see last night, what exactly happened?”

“What devilry it was? You look pale. And also troubled”

“Son. Breathe, think for a while and hold your thoughts’’

“Because a line can only be drawn when we have all the dots’’


The wind blew. The sun was shining. No. IT DID NOT.

The wing stroked hard upon my chest, wild and wicked.

And the sun grew hotter, indicating its displeasure.

I looked up in the sky, as if I was searching for a lost treasure.

But it wasn’t the treasure that mattered, you see?

For what I was searching for was myself, only thing that mattered to me.


“Son, I understand the plight you going through.”

“But you must listen, position yourself together and get together your shoes’’

“You are ill for certain. I’ll search for your prescriptions in one of these cupboards”

“Going by all that you’ve told me till now, I fail to conclude, to what we are heading towards.”


I stood up, finally. To get a hang of that place.

I did see someone. Oh yes. But I can’t remember his face.

 All of a sudden, a fiery mob thronged towards my direction

 They were hounds, prepared to devour my life.

I ran for my life, as if I was being hunted for sparking off a civil strife.

More I try, I pin myself harder.

And If I ever die, doctor, would they talk of me as a martyr?

I chuckled. Fragments of insanity started tickling my shin.


“It is too soon to lose your mind, son.”

“The dream is getting better of you; it is a hard battle to be won”

“Could you remember seeing something more specific? An incident or anything as such?’’

‘’Though it’s of no avail, or it would contribute to your condition much”

“I can see it clearly on your face; the devil’s had his touch”


I ran as far as I could, little did I care about the direction.

The sand burned with my shadow, blood dawned upon my reflection.

I stopped. My feet froze all of a sudden.

My hands started swelling. And my thoughts were driven.

There lied a corpse of the dead. He was stabbed with lunacy.

I was bewildered. I felt pity. But I stopped.

Who am I to feel for him? What is for me to be interested?

For I’ve stepped on a soil where no one can be trusted.


I revolted my urge. I reached out for the knife.

My hands froze. Yet again.

Not too much different from the corpse, I could also feel the pain.

And then. My ill fate began when a mob from nowhere sprung into action.

They thought me as murderer, doctor.

Touching a knife did not eventually seem to be brave.

For god how buffoonish I was to step my foot in the grave.

I scurried my way to nowhere, as I searched for a short termed refuge.

I shouted to celebrate my glory, oblivious to an unutterable calamity.  


I stopped. Paranoid I went. I started screaming.

For I could hear the sound of their anger. Amplified with rage.

I feel on my knees. My eyes became blood shot red.

My nerves refused to believe. Senses failed to retrieve.

I became restless, erratic and space bound.

I could feel the devil, so unnerving was its sound

Just when I managed to duck my way through this nightmare, just when I found the safest room

And then rang the temple bells, indicating my doom.


Suddenly. The windows shuddered. The furniture cranked.

“You alright son? Should I get you water? “

Little did he knew that he was about to be a testimony to his own slaughter.

“Goodness gracious son! Stay from me!”

‘’What sorcery is this? How horrendous is this devilry?’’

“Had you resisted the devil, I would have bestowed you with chivalry”

These were his last words. He was bitten after this.

The world is caving in; it’s building on a tension

Before I conclude, ponder on this question.

Would we resume our faith in good and continue to pray?

Or would we take these satanic verses catch us and slay?


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